Fast cutting polish (2 in 1) GB-2500


Gelcoat medium polish for maintenance, removes small oxidation marks and keeps the surface shiny.

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Fast cutting polish for Gelcoat

Medium cut polish for Gelcoat, intended for maintenance, removes small oxidation marks and keeps the surface shiny. The GB-2500 allows cutting and brightening in a single step for higher throughput.

Instructions for use

Shake the bottle before use. Apply sufficient polish for the surface to be worked on. When starting with a dry sponge, apply the polish directly to the sponge to wet the area. Place the sponge on the surface and start the machine. Apply half pressure and reapply the polish until the Gelcoat recovers. Residues can be removed with a microfiber cloth. To improve the gloss finish continue with GB-3000 High Gloss in conjunction with the yellow sponge. If the Gelcoat is in very bad condition it is necessary to apply a previous step: 1st GB-2000 and 2nd GB-2500.


Any excess polish on plastics, rubber or adjacent panels should be removed with a microfiber cloth. Avoid breathing dust. Avoid release into the environment. Dispose of contents of container in accordance with applicable local/regional/national/international legislation. Repeated exposure may cause dryness or cracking of the skin.

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High cutting abrasive, suitable for conventional paints and varnishes. Silicone free.


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