Plastic polish GB-295


Polish designed for the optics of vehicles.

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Product description

This product is designed for use on plastic surfaces of automotive vehicles. Specially designed polish for automotive plastic elements. They do not contain solvents. Adding an added value for its quality as a product and chemical safety at the time of its use. Mainly used for polishing and brightening of headlights. Achieving a finish of transparency, sharpness and clarity in the treated surface and also eliminating imperfections produced by external agents in the optics.


For direct polishing and brightness recovery of vehicle headlights. Use an electric or air-powered, roto-orbital polisher equipped with a shaped mid-pad for extra cooling.

Instructions for use

Shake the bottle before use. Apply sufficient polish for the area to be worked on. When starting with a dry pad, polish should also be applied directly to the pad to wet the surface. Place the pad over the polish and start the machine. Half-press and re-apply the polish until the required gloss is achieved. In case of not obtaining the adequate shine due to the bad state of the surface, use water-based sandpaper. The remaining residues should be removed with a microfiber cloth.


Any excess polish on plastics, rubber or adjacent panels should be removed with a microfiber cloth. Avoid breathing dust. Avoid release into the environment. Dispose of contents of container in accordance with applicable local/regional/national/international legislation. Repeated exposure may cause dryness or cracking of the skin.

Additional information


1 pc, Pack 5 pcs



Packaging / Dimensions

500 ml + Pad 80 mm (1 pc.), 500 ml pad 80 mm (5 pcs)


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