Pulimentos automoción

Pulimentos para Automoción

Pulimentos de alto rendimiento y calidad para la restauración en el sector automóvil.

GB-200 high shear polish

18,00 35,00 

Fast cutting polish (2 in 1) GB-250

18,00 35,00 

High gloss polish GB-300

18,00 35,00 

Super gloss polish (anti-hologram) GB-350

18,00 35,00 

Plastic polish GB-295


Metal Polish

8,80 28,00 

Productos complementarios

Los complementos perfectos para nuestra gama de pulimentos para automoción.

Red high-cut sponge

18,00 40,00 

Green fast cutting sponge

18,00 40,00 

Yellow high gloss sponge

18,00 40,00 

Black super gloss sponge

18,00 20,00 

Aplicaciones de nuestros pulimentos

Confía en una empresa especializada en la fabricación de pulimentos específicos para el sector automoción.

Uso industrial

Ponemos a disposición de tu marca una gama de pulidos que se adaptan a cualquier superficie y acabado deseado.

Uso profesional

Confía en Gubosa como tu proveedor de pastas para pulir y abrillantar superficies de cualquier color.

Uso particular

Consigue que tu coche brille como el primer día. Contacta con nosotros para conocer el proceso de pulido y brillo.

Our star product

Metal Polish GB-298

We present our star polish, designed to polish all types of metal and chrome surfaces.

  • Cut 35% 35%
  • Brightness 98% 98%

* Composed of high quality mineral oils and natural waxes, 100% silicone-free.

Frequently asked questions

How are polishes made?

It is a product based on selected, special micro-abrasive substances, blended in an aqueous medium, which allows controlled abrasive properties to be achieved.

We emphasise that all our pastes are made from vegetable fats (we do not use animal fats).

On the other hand, as each surface is different, the compounds of each paste are also different.

What are polishes for?

Polishes are developed with the aim of removing imperfections found on the surface of different materials. For this purpose, they contain particles with the capacity to remove all of these.

Gubosa offers you a wide variety of polishes, which follow the highest quality standards of the moment.

How to choose the right polish?

Gubosa offers you a wide variety of polishes, adapted to each surface and the needs of each sector.

To choose the right polish take a look at the description of each product, and do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you.

How do I use the polishes?

In the description of each polish we explain in detail the instructions for use and the steps to follow to achieve the expected result.

On the other hand, before polishing the surface, we recommend cleaning it first with cleaner +.

How should the product be stored?

The following storage conditions are recommended for the durability of the product:

A.-Technical storage measures

- Minimum temperature 5 ºC

- Maximum temperature 25 ºC


B.- General storage conditions.

- Avoid sources of heat, radiation, static electricity and contact with foodstuffs.

What are the delivery times?

Once the payment has been credited, the order will be shipped.

    • For national deliveries (Spain), the delivery time is 24 hours from the date of receipt of the order.
    • For international deliveries, the delivery time is 1 week from the date of receipt of the order.

We ship our products all over the world!

How can we help you?

Contact us without obligation so that we can advise you. We will respond to your request for information or suggestions as soon as possible.