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We are experts in the manufacture of polishing, buffing and matting pastes. Always, placing quality at the heart of our products.


Take a look at our range of high quality products for polishing and finishing tableware, cutlery, metals, alloys and much more.


We present our range of polishes for the automotive sector. High quality solid and liquid pastes.


We offer your company a range of polishes to suit all types of gelcoats. Reliably removes scratches, stains, sanding marks and yellowing.

Which product are you looking for?

As experts in the manufacture of polishing, buffing and matting pastes, we can guarantee you the highest quality of our products. And at an unbeatable price. You can then select the type of product you are looking for.

Solid pastes

We offer you the widest range of solid pastes for polishing and buffing, the result of our continuous investment in means, facilities and technology for more than 40 years.


Discover our range of specific polishes for the automotive and marine sectors. Take a look at the different alternatives, and choose one product or the other depending on the type of surface you want to polish and shine.

Metal Polish

Our range of specific automotive polishes stands out for offering a system that can be adapted to the needs of each customer, in their different work sectors. Our products can be used in the industrial, professional and private sectors.

Our star product:
Metal polish GB-298

We present you our star polish, the Metal Polish GB-298, made of high quality mineral oils and natural waxes, 100% silicone free.

Why Gubosa?

+40 Years of Experience

More than four decades working on the research, innovation and improvement of our products.

Price and variety

Whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We offer you a wide range of high quality products at a great price!

Personalised advice

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding our products and their correct use.

We ship our products all over the world!

How can we help you?

Contact us without obligation so that we can advise you. We will respond to your request for information or suggestions as soon as possible.